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The device for measurement and registration of H2S low concentration in ambient

№9 Department of physical principles of integrated microelectronics
V.G. Litovchenko, T. I. Gorbanyuk

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•    The registration of hydrogen sulphide leakage into air at room temperature and atmosphere pressure
•    The measurement of hydrogen sulphide concentration in ambient and/or in inert gas mixtures at room temperature under (i) atmosphere pressure and (ii) reduced pressure (10-380 mm Hg).

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION of gas analyzer consist in the measurement of electrical capacity of metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structure depending on volume content of H2S into gas ambient.

The gas analyzer consists of the immersible sensor and measurement block.

THE MEASUREMENT BLOCK treats of sensor signals, fulfils of its own up state, shows the presence of hydrogen sulphide in ambient on light-emitting diode indicator and communicate with devices for signal registration and/or transmits the date on the personal computer as an analog signal of voltage


Measurement range of H2S in air, vol.% 0 – 10-4
Ultimate sensitivity, vol.% 1-5·10-6
Temperature of sensor, °С 20±10
 Length of communication line, m 1
 Cooling of sensor air
 Operating mode continuous
Overall dimensions, mm: 80х100х45
Supply voltage, V 9
 Peak supply current, mA   100
Length of cable from measurement block to sensor, m, at most 300
Weight, kg, at most:  sensor 0,1
measurement block 0,6